Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back From Hiatus With A Heavy Heart

It's been quite some time since I posted anything on this blog and while I am still not really in the mood to do anything of the sort today, I must recognize the passing of the most decent and honest man I ever met. My father in law, Harry W. Porter (Bill) lost a long battle with cancer recently after leading a life that most of us could never dream of. Without question, the most honorable yet modest person I ever met left this earth leaving all of us wondering how we can ever look at life the same without him around to provide wisdom, guidance, and unconditional love for all his family and friends. While he was never much of a racing fan, we attended the 1990 Indy 500 together and had seats in the S.E. Vista Deck, where the view is superb for the first two turns and the backstrech. I fondly remember Bill looking somewhat bored and saying to me, "Ready for another sandwich?" Forget the torrid pace that day due to little caution on the track, Bill was ready for another great sandwich which his wonderful wife had made early that morning for our lunch. In some respects I feel cheated as I only knew him for twenty years, but it only took me twenty minutes to see what a truly wonderful human being he was. Bill enjoyed fine bourbon, fishing, horse racing and his beloved wife and daughter (Not in that order of course) but he was also a fine athlete in high school and college earning a scholarship to Butler University and later became a successful high school coach which led to recognition from the Indiana Basketball Hall Of Fame. It took the Hall Of Fame about 20 years to see him as worthy, but i figured it out the first time we met. I will miss you dearly Bill and if I ever make it to heaven, we will resume our sports conversations and have a pastrami sandwich just like the good old days at your house. I know you are up there holding court with Barbaro, checking on his leg and talking about this years crop of three year olds as we speak. But until then, I will try and honor your memory by trying to be just a bit like you every day. I know I may have disappointed you as a son in law sometimes, but you never let me down as a father in law and i will never forget you. You took the final checkered flag way too soon with your usual class and dignity. So long to a true giant of a man, who was loved by many and respected by all. Rest assured Barbaro, your biggest fan will always be with you and I am sure he will bend your ear daily. Danny Bridges

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