Monday, April 16, 2007

Sinden Racing has hit a grand slam

So you want to drive an Indy Car eh? At the most famous track in the world right? Before now you were only dreaming but now thanks to Sinden Racing it is game on at IMS for all you open wheel hounds out there. You can be Mario dominating the month of May as he did twenty years ago next month, or Rick Mears chasing down Gordon Johncock in 1982, or if you like, a pot bellied over the hill blogger like me who actually was sleepless the night before wondering if he could let the clutch out without killing the engine. From the racing gurus who brought you the famous two seater ride along program, you can now strap in to an actual Indy Car and give it a run solo. For a mere $399.00 (Bargain of the century!) I was cruising on the same course that the IRL big boys spend millions on to win at each May. The first lap allows you to get accustomed to the feel of the car and adjust to being just inches off the ground with your legs straight out in front of you as well. As my bravado rose, I increased the gas and experienced a rush that I had not felt since I opened up my father's 440 Mopar Hemi in my high school days circa 1975. The smoothness of the track coupled with an excellently prepared car gave me more than an ample opportunity to experience what it must be like to dive in to the first turn at Indy when they drop the green flag on race day. (Ok so i was going about 160 mph slower too) As I completed my four lap run I kept waiting to hear Tom Carnegie call out my name but alas, it did not happen. Hats off to Scott Jasek of Sinden for settling my nerves enough before the run and allowing me to enjoy an incredible ride. This program is perfect for corporate outings or simply those like me who want to feel like they were (if only for a minute) a big time race driver. Call them today and see for yourself what it is truly like to go for it. For now, this is the old "88 mph at Indy" blogger heading in to the pits for fresh tires and fuel. Danny Bridges

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